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Josh was quite attentive and responsive throughout the whole process of viewing homes all the way through escrow.

He helped me through all the paperwork, and he never seemed too busy to help me. I think it was great that he didn't spread himself too thin between too many clients. I also feel that Josh was very good at communicating my questions to the seller's agent in a timely manner. Communication is one of Josh's strong suits. He is very clear and very expressive, and listened well to me too. I really felt that Josh was always available to me any time I needed to talk with him. I hope I didn't invade his private time too much! I will recommend Josh to anyone I make acquaintance with who is looking for a realtor. He was just great!

Michelle J

Loved working with Josh!

He bent over backwards to help us out. Even with all of this COVID business going on. We are with the DoD, and I had complete faith in him, he helped us buy a home site unseen and I couldn't be happier! He also offers a DoD rebate on closing!!!! I absolutely recommend him if your looking to buy or sell a home!

Steven L

Josh was great!

Always very professional. Knew what needed to be done and when to do it. Being very personable and outgoing always helps put me at ease. I used to be a Realtor and understand that things can go sour very quickly if not handled properly. I would recommend Josh to anyone looking to buying or selling their home.

Derrillyn C

Working with Josh and his clients was awesome!

He was very communicative (not like some who say they are and aren't) and professional! He is just so pleasant I would absolutely love to work with him on another deal in the future! Thank you Josh for your hard work at making the transaction seamless!!

Louren R

Josh was very friendly and helpful with buying our first house.

Any questions we had he answered, and of the questions he couldn't answer, he was quick to find out. Very much recommend, great guy.

Mark S

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